Certain Sparks September Recital 2019

On Friday and Saturday night of this previous weekend, Courtney and I from They Went Rogue, had the awesome opportunity to photograph the Recital for Certain Sparks Music at the Lompoc Wine Factory!

Certain Sparks Music is a unique music store, music school, & recording studio, located in Lompoc, CA. CSM was created by Randall Sena in 2006. It began as a very small recording studio, but quickly grew to offering music lessons, hosting events, and ultimately became the hub of local creativity and culture that it is today! (Source: CSM)

The event was held at the Lompoc Wine Factory! Such an awesome place to have a concert! I would highly recommend checking out their tasting room located on 321 North D St, Lompoc, CA, 93436

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event! If you attended the event and are interested in a photo of yourself click HERE!

Thanks again Certain Sparks Music for having us photograph this event!! For all the They Went Rogue photos from this event, follow this link here!

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Montana De Oro to Morro Bay on Labor Day 2019!

For Labor Day 2019, Courtney and I cruised up to Montana De Oro!

There was so many people, the Seagulls had to find a new place to sit..

There was so many people, the Seagulls had to find a new place to sit..


After crushing the Bluff Trail, we decided to head to Morro Bay to walk around the town!


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TAKIN' THE GIRLS JEEPIN! (Labor Day Weekend 2019)

During our 4 States, 11 Days road trip, and once Courtney told me that she wanted to come visit in California, I instantly started thinking of places I wanted to take her! The first time I ever visited Miranda Pines was last year during Thanksgiving, and. ever since then I knew I wanted to go back! The road has been closed for a few months due to rain, but it has finally opened up again!


We stripped the Jeep of the top and loaded her up with camping gear and then we were off!


Photos by Courtney!

Crested Butte, Colorado

It’s official gang, Courtney has officially moved to Lompoc, California! I flew out to Evergreen, Colorado on last Monday and got right back into the Subaru, and we headed to one of Courtneys’ favorite spots! Crested Butte, Colorado! I’ve never been there before so I was excited to visit! I hope you like the photos from the trip!

2019 Lompoc Police Car Show

Yesterday (8/10/19) I had the opportunity to THE photographer for the Lompoc Police Car Show! I was more than happy to volunteer to photograph the event! I hope everyone likes the photos! Feel free to save whatever ones you like! If you want to post them, I just ask that you tag me @theflying90 or if you would like to buy a photo without my watermark CLICK HERE!


Here’s some insider information fam, I’d start investing in Mija Sangria and sunscreen because Ms. BossBitch is moving to California! We had so much fun over the last month that we decided to make one giant video! Thanks for watching!!


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Drone Therapy 🤮😱

I haven't flown in almost another month! What the heck??! Do you even FPV anymore bro? We used to ride bikes out here and play paintball here when we were kids until someone decided it was "too dangerous" ...Courtney left yesterday morning and I was SUPER bummed, so I figured the best thing would be to go ride the OneWheel and rip some packs! Too bad the GoPro didn't get the OneWheel ride on the way there 😥

Visiting Oso Flaco Lake

Yesterday Courtney and I went to Oso Flaco Lake to shoot some photos and enjoy the nice day! I brought the Spark too!

Check out the photos below! Want photos like this of yourself? Hit us up!! We’re super down to make that happen for you!

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After Oso Flaco, we headed to the Pismo Pier to walk around and take some photos of people getting SUPER pitted.

After Oso Flaco, we headed to the Pismo Pier to walk around and take some photos of people getting SUPER pitted.


Knapp's Castle with Rochelle and Tofu

Yesterday Courtney and I got the chance to photograph one of her friends at Knapp’s Castle! Rochelle has been following Courtney for awhile, and when she noticed that Courtney is in Lompoc, California, she knew she had to do a photoshoot! Here are the photos I took! I hope you like them!

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My friend Matt, who is one of the best tattoo artists I know, custom tattoo’s leather vans! I remember seeing a photo of these on his Instagram and thought “I would love a pair one day!” Then maybe 3 months later he hits me up saying he has a pair in my size and what would I like on them? I said anything California related, with a little Flying90 in there, and this is what he came up with! I'm absolutely in love with them! I felt bad for wearing them, but he said to “wear the crap out of them!” So here I am treating them right!

Thanks again Matt, I love them so much!!

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Photo cred: @Courtneywentrogue Instagram SheWentRogue